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Book Review: Fourth Wing


Author: Rebecca Yarros

Main Character: Violet Sorrengail

Genre: Fantasy

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is an encapsulating novel that brings you into the exciting world of dragons and morally gray men. It’s essentially an adult mix of Wings of Fire and Divergent. Rebecca Yarros’ world-building is an essential part of this novel’s ability to immerse you completely in the story.

Map of The Continent

In a society where you must choose your path in life at the ripe age of 18 (no backsies), Violet Sorrengail had always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a scribe, the people responsible for curating The Continent’s history. Things, however, don’t go according to plan, as usual in books like this. Violet’s mother, a very prominent general, forces Violet to join the rider’s quadrant at Basigath, the war college, and become part of the army of dragon riders who protect their borders from the enemies that surround them. Violet faces many foes and challenges during her time at Basgiath, but perhaps her biggest challenge is figuring out her conflicting feelings for Xaden Riorson, a commanding officer and a child of one of her mother’s past enemies, a traitor to Navarre. What makes matters worse is that Violet’s childhood friend Dain, who is now her wingleader, might be something more.

The book explores themes of resilience through physical and mental hardships, as well as the tragedy of war. Violet’s journey continues in Iron Flame, the Fourth Wing sequel, and the second book in the Empyrean series, which is set to have 5 total. Rebecca Yarros uses a perfect mix of dystopian fighting sequences and the internal monologue of a conflicted teenager to appeal to all high schoolers looking for a relatable yet exciting book. Although this book exceeded most of my expectations all around, it felt fairly familiar to other books I’ve read, such as  Red Queen and Throne of Glass. I love the fantasy genre but to be fair, sometimes it does get repetitive. Overall, I think this book is definitely in my top 10 of YA fantasy series. Definitely worth the read!


Trigger Warning: some scenes in this book are considered to be “adult” so read with caution.

About the Contributor
Aubrey McDougal
Aubrey McDougal, Editor
Aubrey McDougal is an 11th-grade day student who joined The Bell in her sophomore year. She is a part of the Soccer Academy and the Varsity Soccer team at St. Stephen's. Her favorite classes are English and Photography.