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Winter Formal Fashion Lookbook

Enjoy Everyone’s Cool Look
Dr. Furman and Will striking an iconic pose at the winter formal (Photo by Anna Guan).

Everyone sparkled at the winter formal, so we’re revisiting some of our favorite looks!


Will Perkins (11th grade ) rocked the sparkle theme with his bedazzled blazer and flashy chains to match. The silver reflects the surrounding colors of the dance, elevating his outfit and the atmosphere. Next to him, Dr. Furman pulled off the patterned collar, sticking with the iconic science teacher staple.


Left to right: Mai, Heidi, Luciana, April, Abi. (Photo by Mr. Caselli).

April Song (9th grade) brought the most sparkle to the party! And with its angular cuts and flapper bottom that transported the 1920s to the 2020s, her dress checked all the boxes. Next to her, Heidi Bahlmann (10th grade) chose a bright blue, which made her dress stand out, too. And it was even more eye-catching with its stripes, which added a second dimension to the dress’s design. Unlike Heidi, Luciana Castro (9th grade), went for shine, and it was a great choice. Her dark platinum dress contrasted light with dark, adding a sense of mystique to her look. Mai Sakakibara’s (10th grade) shoes are also reflective, and her shoes can’t be overlooked. Like Luciana’s,  Abi Castañeda’s (9th grade) dress played with a darker color, allowing her necklace to shine.





Left to right: Chloe, Jocelyn, Meghan. (Photo by Anna Guan).

Jocelyn Hoenicke (12th grade) brought back the ombre look, and we’re here for it. She also color-coordinated with Chloe Benardete (12th grade) with their standout choice of maroon. Chloe’s dress brings back even older trends, like 90s fringe and the age-old top-down buttons. These trends are too iconic to die out, just like the floral print on Meghan Chia’s (12th grade) dress.



Left to right: Grace, Lee, Cindy, Ziri. (Photo by Anna Guan).

The 10th graders took on the theme in a new way; why be sparkly when you can be shiny? After all, it’s better for the environment. With shine, Grace Jiang’s (10th grade) dress turned the little black dress into an even classier look. The sash with a bow-like top on the other side of the dress added a pop of uniqueness to the outfit. Also focused on a less conventional look, Lee Fardall chose to wear shine as a grunge, angel-wing necklace paired with a choker. A statement necklace can really make an outfit. Next up is Cindy Yang, who wore traditional Chinese dress, perfect for winter with its cool look. Next to her is Ziri Udeuze (10th grade), who went with a shiny gray blazer that beautifully blends in silver.


Ella and Leela showing off their fabulous taste in fashion. (Photo by Mr. Caselli).

The 11th-grade girls stole the show, even if I am a bit biased. Ella Kim’s sparkly silhouette elegantly fit the theme, but in a unique way, especially with the shiny silver necklace. Meanwhile, Leela Weisser wore a dress so fashionable that it didn’t need to be on theme. This dress is a perfect callback to 2000s fashion with its bold print and lace halter piece, and it experiments with the ongoing floral trend. Both of the dresses match with the black, making this photo one of the cutest yet.

About the Contributor
Rebecca Cole
Rebecca Cole, Managing Editor
Rebecca Cole is an 11th-grade day student who started writing articles for The Bell in freshman year and now also serves as Managing Editor. As a policy nerd, she also loves being a part of Green Goblins, Elevate, and Model UN.